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What to expect when you visit us

New patient appointments are booked in for forty minutes. Appointments for simple chiropractic follow-up treatments are booked in for fifteen minutes. Patients are requested to be punctual.

What to wear

Patients are rarely required to undress in this clinic. A single layer of loose outer clothing is usually acceptable e.g. blouse, shirt, or T-shirt, with trousers or a skirt, or a track suit. Women are requested not to wear long, tight dresses or skirts. Rings are not a problem, but other jewellery and watches should be minimal. If there is any hidden jewellery, like belly rings or bars, please inform the chiropractor. Slip-on or velcro fastened shoes are preferred to lace-ups or buckles.

What to bring

On the first visit, patients should bring with them any prescriptions, relevant X-rays and MRIs and/or their reports, any relevant medical reports, their reading glasses, and their diary.


Chiropractors in the UK cannot currently prescribe controlled medication, although this may change in the future, and are not allowed to advise on its use. It is however important that patients know what medication they are receiving and tell the chiropractor to help him gain a broader picture of the patients' health. For example, statins which are widely prescribed to reduce cholesterol, are notorious for causing musculo-skeletal and gastro-intestinal disturbances and this needs to be taken into consideration at the point of diagnosis.


A chaperone facility is available on request and by arrangement in Holyhead only. Wheelchair access is available in Penrhyn Bay only. Home visits are available for people who live locally and cannot access the clinics. In both the Beaumaris and the Caernarfon Chiropractic Clinic buildings, the floors above the clinics are rented out as accommodation.


See opening hours and contact details.


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